About us

Welcome to Boyka’s Farm Market, the preeminent farmers market and produce stand in Michigan. Our fresh produce sales open around July 20th, and continue until October 31st.

Boyka’s Farm Market is named after our father, Sylvester DeCock. Boyka is Belgium (Flemish) for “little boy” and was his nickname. He was the oldest of the three sons of Hilaire and Mary DeCock. Dad and mom (Virginia) had four sons which became the third generation working on the farm.

In 1981, dad and mom began selling their top quality fresh fruits and vegetables off of wagons on 23 Mile Road. In 1984, they began growing and selling bedding plants and hanging baskets, and from mid-July to October 31 selling fruits and vegetables. I have taken over the operation since our dad’s passing. We no longer grow and sell flowers, but have continued to sell fruits, and vegetables with care and an eye on quality taught to us by dad and mom.

We take a special approach to all our fresh fruit and vegetables, and we believe its this approach that makes us the best Michigan farmer’s market. We’ve been called alot of things around here; farmers market, fruit stand, vegetable stand, greenhouse….Whatever you call us, one thing is for sure, we provide Macomb, Michigan residents with the highest quality produce around!

Hope to see you soon,
Ken DeCock